Kindergarten is Back in Session

The kids are back from the holidays and are already misbehaving.

That new kid, Alexandria, the enfant terrible, got green crayons for Christmas and is running through the halls of Congress scribbling on all the walls. Does she not know that the bossy it-girl who peaks early fades quickly. Probably not, since she gets such low marks in history and self-awareness. A Green New Deal? Sounds yucky. The grass is always greener over the septic field. Restructure American industry to zero emissions? Force everyone to change their lifestyle? Go for fully renewable energy? Medicare for all? Additional massive income transfer? Additional employment and economic preferences for all the groups she personally likes? Sure, with a little confiscation and police state thrown in for good measure. (If you think the cops are tough now, wait till they try to enforce this mean-girl stuff.) Alexandria! parlez-vous français? Can you translate “gilets jaunes”  into English? (Hint: yellow vests … like those rioting in France over higher gas prices.) After energy costs explode and lead to higher prices for food and everything else, after doctors quit and the health care system implodes, after investment dries up and the market literally goes to zero, after there are no profits to tax, after the government prints money and hyper-inflation makes the dollar worthless, what then? Next word for the spelling bee: Venezoooela?

Angry little Bernie continues to throw fits and stamp his foot. Does he not know that when Dr. King said “free at last,” he meant that America had finally fully recognized the human dignity of black Americans and their freedom to peruse their dreams. He did not mean that the government should patronize them, keep them under its thumb, and continue to control them with a lot more “free” stuff.

Poor little Liz keeps threatening the other kids with that awkward, fist in the air, open mouth scream that she must have seen on some Bolshevik poster – so 1917.

Children! Do not make fun of Cory. How was he to know that Spartacus was the only one who didn’t say, “I’m Spartacus.”

And from his expression you can tell that Cranky Adam has put his finger in the electric socket again and is angrily looking for someone to blame.

Also running around the playground are BMOCs Ricky Caruso with his monopoly set and toy boat, Howie Schultz and his coffee shops, Tommy Steyer making trades for a better peanut butter sandwich, Marky Cuban playing keep-away with his basketball, and many others.

Gavin’s laying on the grass tanning himself while Amy’s in a corner alone wearing her parka. Eric and Antonio are arguing about cleaning up the playground.

Unfortunately this Democratic nursery is saddled with a large number of children acting out to get attention. At last count, the number of Democrats planning to run for President may be rapidly approaching 1000. That many political lemmings, trampling our cornfields and forests, eating in Iowa and New Hampshire diners for the next 18 months, are bound to wreak havoc with America’s health care system with their newly clogged arteries. But the real problem is that they are all political midgets (no offense to midgets) and have virtually no public persona or political base worth talking about. No one has ever heard of any of them, no matter how hard the alchemists of CNN and NBC have tried to turn these rocks into gold.

Say what you will, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were very well known and had some serious qualifications to be President.

Trump, while certainly no policy wonk or student of diplomacy, had organized a huge global business, did major deals and built huge buildings (we know that because his name is still on them) all over the world, designed huge resorts, owned and ran an airline, built wineries, a university (OK – that didn’t go well), directed a hugely successful TV show (OK, again – a matter of taste, but a lot of people liked it), and created hundreds of thousands of jobs. He was Huge (Trump’s word, but true nonetheless).

Hillary had been a successful lawyer (Whitewater/Smitewater), lived in the Arkansas state house for 8 years, worked in the White House for 8 years, served as a US Senator from a major state, was Secretary of State, and became fabulously wealthy (OK, don’t look under that rock).

Both of them personally knew most of the major political, economic, and cultural leaders in the world and those leaders knew them.

Compared to that, nearly every potential Democrat candidate is sad and weak (again, Trump’s words, but true nonetheless). Select any one of them and give the election to Trump. Give it to one of the radical socialists and prepare for a Trump landslide. As with the French, Americans will flirt with radical ideas, but are not crazy and snap back to the center when it counts.

The only chance for the Democrats to avoid a total debacle is to find a highly experienced and respected candidate who can pivot more to the center, call the current radical left for the BS that it is, and do a full throated “Trump,” first on the unruly children in their own party and then on Trump himself. At this stage, there are only two that fit that description: Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg, but both are so old they may need to be kept on life support to win.

There goes the bell and the kids are headed to class. Let’s hope the adults can regain control.

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