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The period 2000-2002 will witness the single greatest change in global economic and business conditions ever-the realignment from traditional corporate structure to Internet-leveraged styles of brand-owning, customer-focused companies. This realignment is occurring now, even as you read these words.

Wisdom of the CEO

Wisdom of the CEO introduces you to 29 visionaries who are actively changing today’s business paradigm. These top global business leaders explain how they are confronting the eight key issues driving business today.

The New Enlightenment – A Search for Global Civilization, Peace, and Spiritual Growth in the 21st Century

In this profound and intriguing philosophical treatise, Grady Means argues effectively that humans are spirit-seeking creatures who need a different God than the anthropomorphic deities advanced by doctrinal religions.

Endgame: Poetry of Retirement

Endgame is a book of poetry about the physical, mental, and spiritual transition that is retirement.

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